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Update on WvW

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Update on WvW Empty Update on WvW

Post  Acharis on Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:14 pm

So Grin, Perse/Earbert/Mike and I ran WvW on night shift. We got Stone Mist and 95% of EB (we kicked ET out completely) plus held our own borderlands.

The secret: we all jumped on the sever wide teamspeak channel. It seriously made all the difference. Since it is a free transfer to all medium severs, we had a few higher tier commanders come him and share their wisdom. It was as though we were the SF zerg dominating everyone in WvW.

If you log on now (29/03 or american style 03/29) you will see we are in second place with less than 24hours till sever reset. I think that is a significant difference. Also SF have been posting on the official forums having a cry, so we were successful in pissing them off. Even though we did loose SM (we held it for a good 3hours +) all the glory was in pissing SF off. You guys know what I mean.

So I HIGHLY suggest if you do go to WvW hop on the sever TS.


  • Click on connect at the top left

  • copy and paste this into the sever box: ts67.light-speed.com:7520

  • Password: Cliffside (With a capital 'C' - case sensitive)

  • Put in your tag: [KOH] ___your preferred name____

Also you don't even need a microphone - or talk at all, just listen and follow along. You can see it working in our wvw points this week

Have a lovely time and I'll see you all in game


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