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Suggestions for Commanders on Team speak

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Suggestions for Commanders on Team speak Empty Suggestions for Commanders on Team speak

Post  Madness Given Form on Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:40 pm

#1: There are only ever 3 decisions a commander can make.......... The Right one........... The wrong one............. and None at all. OF course the last one is the Worst one because it causes your zerg to fracture and you lose members.

#2: WvW is all about CC, dont hesitate to ask people what they are running, and if they have NO CC ask if they have a alternate character or can switch weapons.

#3: IF one commander in Ts has a large Zerg, and we are dominating our encounters, dont hesitate to break it off and push elsewhere. while its fun to steam roll them, eventually after breaking off enough times you will lead a sizable amount to go with you and will enjoy the same success elsewhere.

#4: Ask other people in TS to buy Siege as well. Dont throw down 2 - 5 gold a night, every night, on siege like Pew.

#5: Utilize Strategy. I cannot say how many times one or two people would set up a treb and take down a wall and Pew would walk in and claim it. Learn to split push and use team speak to have a few people go off and set up trebs to start on a tower that you want to take but in the mean time your taking the zerg elswere to keep its members busy.

#6: Active Zerg. One thing that sets Pew and Bass off from other commanders is that they will push for hours without stopping the zerg.. this makes the size of the zerg snowball because this is a game and if people are having fun then they will stay on later than they should and will only break off when the zerg comes to a halt and the commander stops for a break.

I hope these Ideas helps one of you to improve your game and make wvw more fun for you.

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