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Warrior Build (WvW)

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Warrior Build (WvW) Empty Warrior Build (WvW)

Post  PassoutPat on Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:59 pm

Since I'm super bored right now and the topic of the week seems to be improving our server's WvW situation I figured I'd share my Warriors bunker build.
90% of the time I use Hammer and Longbow as my weapons, they're great for blasting combo fields no matter how far away the field may be. Also these 2 weapons are perfect for holding zergs at choke points as they can deal great AoE dmg if you know what ur doing. The stuns from a hammer aint to bad either.

As for armor you might be told to get Power/Vitality/Toughness gear to which I say fuck that. Knights provides more than enough toughness without dropping your precision too low, you don't need the extra vitality as long as you have competent players backing you up. The runes are really up to you, I use Melandru to shorten stuns/conditions and for sigils I'm trying out sigil of restoration combined with omnom compote to give me a fair bit of healing after every kill.

For trait distribution I use 10/0/30/30/0

Strength: Death From Above trait is a must have, I do alot of jumping off walls or cliffs to ambush the enemy or to drive em back from the gate and this trait keeps me from dying on impact, plus it knocks everyone back so at narrow ledges (Garrison watergate) or chokepoints (that wall at greenvale) you can really disrupt enemy movements.

Defense: I use #2, #8, and #10 the first 2 are neccesary to lower the chance of getting cc'd to death and the last one you goto have for the hammer.

Tactics: this one I change around alot depending on the situation, Leg specalist is a good one with the hammer to keep ET cowards from running away and generally I have Shrug it Off and Lung Capacity going to manage conditions. If I'm attacking a keep Stronger Bowstrings is great because it increase ur bow range to 1200 so you can hit those pesky cannons and the occasional arrow cart

So ya theres a basic rundown of how I play WvW nowadays, I plagiarized it all


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Warrior Build (WvW) Empty Re: Warrior Build (WvW)

Post  Acharis on Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:16 am

Thanks Patty Smile


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