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Ideas to help out the guild.

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Ideas to help out the guild. Empty Ideas to help out the guild.

Post  Madness Given Form on Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:19 pm

Since my brothers and me had to run after the last guild event for a family function and I was not able to get any good pictures before we had to leave.

So here are some Ideas to help the guild out.

Feel free to criticize to your hearts content. Im just throwing these ideas out to get the discussion going.

1 - WvW guild events. We should have a weekly guild event in WvW starting just before server resets. Why? because when the server reset takes place we want to be the first ones out of the gate to capture as much territory as possible. Also this way members can plan around these events.

2 - WvW guild events. All honor guard members and up should have a standard "kit" of siege equipment that they bring. (example: 2 arrow carts, 2 rams, 1 cat or treb)

3 - Communication. The leadership team should all be on vent / skype and considering how many members we have at a time online (30 or so members) it should only be between 6 - 8 people or so.

  • No 2 members of the leadership team that are on vent / skype should be in the same party.

  • Each member of the leadership team should take 4 names off the guild registry of active members currently online (pic below) And form a party with those members

  • At first send invites but maybe also wisper them. its not hard when you only have to make sure only 4 other people show up. Personally I think part of our problem is the simple fact that people forget these events are taking place while they are out doing their own thing and it causes us to break up and get scattered.

  • Type to your party members about what they should do and communicate to them through party chat about their orders or what they should do even if it is only "fallow the commander."

  • This type set up is to allow commanders to give orders to one full party to take action such as to go capture a key supply depot or to guard a key keep. also so long as we encourage full parties to try and stick together it will make our zerg larger than the 5 - 10 man zergs we usually host when we do our guild events with 30 or so members online.

Ideas to help out the guild. Gw12910

4 PVE Guild events. I know its harder to do PVE Guild events because you cant tell a week in advance when dragon will be up or any other event for that matter but we can do a few things.

[list][*] Large Orr quests like the Temple of Balthazar in the straits of devastation. These rather large events comes up quite frequently and is tough enough that it would require quite a few of us to get them done.

[*] Jumping Puzzles... even the wvw puzzles would be fun to run though especially if 2 or 3 mesmers would use their portal abilities to run the whole guild through it rather quickly with little jumping for most of us.. Hard on the mesmers but it would encourage more members to participate in other guild events.

[*] Dungeon day The concept comes to me as a non standard guild event but rather one where each member of leadership tries to run a party through a dungeon, then starts a new party and dose it again in order to get the guild members to build trust and friendship with each other. The goal in this non standard guild event is to break players of their habit of running with the same friends they always run with and expand their circle. This way when leadership calls, it dose not matter who they call because everyone will know them as a member of leadership rather than the 3 people I can name off the top of my head right now. (arch, grin, gages)

I hope this list helps and if you have any questions or comments feel free to ask here or in game. (I tend to be on 7 days a week Monday - Friday, 3pm - 7pm PST ... Sat and sun.. good luck it could be any time.)
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